Why choose natural coloration?

The plant coloring is designed for all those who believe that only through conscious consumption we can take care of our planet, for allergic people, pregnant women, breastfeeding, and also people suffering from some kind of pathology related to the scalp or treatments oncological

All the products that we use in our Bio Salon, areparabens free and mineral oils, besides they have not been tested with animals.

The natural coloration differs from the cosmetic or toxic coloration, because it is free of chemical compounds, its toxicity and its side effects, besides it not only adds color to the hair, but also cures, renews and re-densifies it by returning it to your hair. hair all its strength, elasticity and brightness, so when our body is free of toxins fantastic and surprising changes are noticed both inside and outside of yourself and that is reflected in your beauty.

The importance of water

In the Bio Pelu we work all our treatments of vegetal coloration with osmotized water, which is free of impurities to take even more care of the health of your hair.

We also have carbon filters in our living room to ensure that the water we use in our laundry area is free of lime, as excess lime dries and damages hair, we will tell you more …

In addition, in our Bio hairdressing salon in Barcelona, we have a carbon filter system, which guarantees the purity of the water, which we use in our wash area, is free of lime, thus preventing hair from drying out and damaging your hair. strength.

We are a responsible space with the care of the environment, that’s why all the products we use in La Bio Pelu, in addition to the cleaning products in the room, are Bio.