Harmony between beauty, health and nature

Passion and ideals; our reason for being

The Bio Pelu was born from the need of an alternative to traditional hair and perrucare treatments, offering 100% natural, ecological and free of animal suffering services.


All our color and hairdressing treatments are designed to offer maximum quality while guaranteeing 100% natural origin and free of unnecessary toxins. We mix color in the moment and personalized.

Vegan and Sustainable

All our services are certified as 100% free of ingredients of animal origin and we make sure that all the products we use are cruelty free, avoiding that animals suffer the negative consequences of testing beauty products.


We listen to each case so that it shows the best of itself, always respecting the essence of its tastes. When you look good, you feel happy and project that happiness on the outside, which makes you feel connected with yourself and with nature.

The Team

At La Bio Pelu we are people passionate about beauty and convinced that there are ways to look fantastic without damaging your health and respecting the environment. We promise strong, healthy and wonderful hair. The Bio Pelu is a guarantee of pause and relaxation, that is why we have created the concept “The ritual of the Bio Pelu”, which starts with a hot towel and a drink prepared the moment you arrive, and continues until you say goodbye.

“I was very clear that I wanted to find the balance between a unique natural color and 100% organic, the latest hairdressing trends and the familiar treatment of a neighborhood hairdresser”

Eduard Boldova

Founder of LBP

The Origin

Eduard had been working in the hairdressing sector for many years but found that most of the products that were used had negative effects on the health of people’s hair. In 2015 he began to investigate about plant coloring and the different products that could be obtained through the plants. He got the first 100% natural coloration of Barcelona and it was at that moment that he decided to open La Bio Pelu on Provença street in Barcelona.

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