A spa for your hair

We are the only salon specialized in natural coloration and with ISO certificates at European level and in which we offer a 100% vegetal coloration, we work with natural colorants composed of a great variety of extracts of organic origin from natural and exclusive plants of India, grown in an ecological way

A space designed to make you feel comfortable

We want you to stop thinking about everything that awaits you outside and we have thought of a space for you to connect with you.

Bio hairdressing salon in Barcelona, an exclusive, natural and cozy place, a hairdressing salon responsible and aware of the importance of caring for personal image and hair health.

Pioneers in introducing the concept “beauty pro-health” in Spain, we have different “healthy pigments” for natural hair coloring with which, in an artisanal way we get an extensive range of unique and exclusive colors created by our colorful experts.

Languages at LBP:

At LBP we speak English, French, Italian, Catalan, Spanish and a little German. And if we need to communicate through gestures and smiles, there is no language more universal and beautiful than that. 😉